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Phuket romantic restaurant

Why Are Beachfront Restaurants More Romantic?

A number of the best Phuket romantic restaurants are situated right by the sea, with the best among them having their tables set right on the sand. This seems like a perfectly natural place to put them, particularly in an island destination like Phuket, but the question is: Why? What makes a beachfront restaurant more romantic than one atop one of Phuket’s jungle-covered hills?


Love of Water

The human race has historically had a deep fascinating with water, which is hardly surprising when our planet is 70 per cent covered by the stuff and it constitutes about the same proportion of our bodies. Our relationship with the sea has been a driving factor in our development as a species, providing transport, trade and, of course, the basic sustenance we need to continue living.




As abstract and difficult to believe as it may seem, our innate love of water may be a deciding factor in what makes seaside options among the best Phuket romantic restaurants. Indeed, researchers at Mystic University in Connecticut identified a gene associated with seafaring ability, suggesting that a love of the sea might be hardwired into our every cell.



Why would a love of the sea create a romantic atmosphere, though? A lot of that has to do with relaxation. The reason why, for example, fishermen are not overcome by amorous feelings halfway through hauling in their nets is because they are hard at work, not in the sort of relaxing environment carefully crafted by Phuket romantic restaurants.


Relaxation is an important part of romance. That is why food and wine are major contributors, making dinner dates such a popular choice. If we can be relaxed and comfortable – well-fed and with the calming influence of alcohol in our systems – we can enjoy ourselves and each others’ company. We become less up-tight and defensive and, therefore, more romantically inclined.


Hypnotic rhythm

The gentle swish of the waves on a sandy shore is another contributor to an atmosphere of relaxation, whether it is while you are chilling on the beach by day or with your loved one, enjoying a candle-lit dinner at one of the best Phuket romantic restaurants at night. The sound is important in two ways: firstly, it prevents a dead silence, which always creates discomfort because of the implied threat – animals always go quiet in the presence of a predator – but without being obtrusive.


Beach at thavorn beach village and spa


Secondly, and more importantly, the sound of the waves is rhythmic, like the ticking of a clock or the beating of a heart. In the same way that it is impossible to sit still in the presence of fast-paced music, it is impossible to not feel relaxed in the presence of the slow, steady rhythm of waves gently lapping at the Phuket shores.