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Love Flower, meaning of flower

How to Say “I Love You” with Flowers

Flowers are one of the staples of romance, along with chocolates and a trip to a Phuket romantic restaurant. Romantic tips rarely suggest what flowers to give, beyond a dozen red roses, and that’s about as clichéd as it gets. It’ll be appreciated, but instantly forgotten since it’s a thoughtless selection.

You’ve probably never heard of floriography – the language of flowers. It’s an increasingly old-fashioned art, but studying it a little and making a message with a bouquet shows how much the person you’re giving it to matters to you. It’s exactly the sort of grand gesture that makes a difference. It’s worth noting that availability of some of these flowers might be limited in Phuket, but it’s worth trying.

“My heart aches for you”

Carnations are like a dictionary in themselves, with every different colour having a different meaning. Most of them are romantic, so you can’t really go wrong. However, red carnations perhaps stand out the most for their emphatic meaning – “my heart aches for you”. Avoid yellow at all costs, because that means “rejection” and “you have disappointed me”.

Carnation, meaning of flower

“The sun is always shining when I’m with you”

The daffodil is a wonderful, sunny flower – basically a symbol of the arrival of spring. It’s also just a genuinely beautiful flower. Fortunately for this list of romantic tips the sunny colour does not translate into such a tragic meaning as it does with the carnation. Instead, it can mean “The sun is always shining when I’m with you” as well as “you are the only one”.

daffodil, meaning of flower

“Eternal love”

The orange blossom is a beautiful white flower with the fruity fragrance you’d expect from the fact that the same tree produces the orange fruit. It’s sometimes used in French and Middle Eastern cooking, but can also be used to send a floral message – “eternal love”. Use this one with caution, though, because it can also mean “marriage and fruitfulness”, which could be thought of as a proposal!

orange blossom, Eternal love, meaning of flower

“There’s sunshine in your smile”

The yellow tulip is perhaps especially appropriate for Phuket romantic tips. As you’re on the sunny Thai island, adding a little more sunshine to your message can’t be bad. Different colours and types of tulip can have additional meanings, with variegated (that’s ‘two-toned’, if you don’t know your horticulture) meaning “beautiful eyes” while red tulips are a clear declaration of love.

yellow tulip, meaning of flower

“I love you”

There seems to be something about red. Aside from red tulips, you can also say it with red chrysanthemums and, of course, roses. Be particularly careful with red roses and don’t pick dark crimson ones if bright red aren’t available as that means “mourning”. Consider sticking a white rose in the bouquet to say “you’re heavenly”, but avoid yellow ones, unless you want to say “decrease in love” or “jealousy”. Similarly, avoid yellow chrysanthemums.