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Romantic Dinner in Phuket

5 Alternatives to a Phuket Romantic Dinner Date

A romantic meal is virtually a cliche of dating and, to be fair, it works well. However, why not shake things up a little? Sure, Phuket romantic restaurants offer extraordinary settings, cuisine and ambience, but you can’t have a candlelit beachfront meal every night, so what about doing something a bit different? Here are a few suggestions:

Challenge your minds

While there’s a slight risk of it resulting in an argument, an escape room puzzle is a fun and challenging activity that’s ideally suited to couples. Working together to solve simple logic puzzles to escape the room within a time limit can be a great bonding experience, so long as you don’t take it too seriously! Fortunately, there are some good examples of this comparatively recent phenomenon (escape rooms, I mean – not taking things seriously) dotted around Phuket.

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Have a picnic

Dining with your toes in the sand at a Phuket romantic restaurant is one thing, but actually sitting on the beach while you enjoy some snacks and drinks is one step further. Hit the local markets and grocery stores, grab some ingredients and pick a nice shady spot on the sand to enjoy some time together. Karon Beach is large enough that you won’t struggle for some space to yourself and there’s plenty of shade, though you could go way up north to Mai Khao Beach for ultimate solitude. It’s the biggest beach in Phuket, yet also one of the quietest – perfect for a quiet romantic getaway.

Have a couples spa treatment

Yes, Thailand is famous for its wonderful food, but that’s not all that the Land of Smiles has given the world. It’s also the home of Thai massage. Done well, in a first-class Phuket spa, its a wonderfully relaxing experience – the sort of experience that’s good to share and enjoy together. Fortunately, those same first-class spas often also offer special packages for couples.

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Learn to cook together

You don’t have to rely on Phuket romantic restaurants if you know how to cook great Thai dishes yourself! Learn a new skill together and book a couple of places at one of the many excellent cooking schools dotted around the island. Apart from the fun experience you’ll share, you can also relive the romantic restaurant meals once you get back from Phuket by recreating them at home.

See the sights

Phuket isn’t just about beaches. There’s more to Thailand’s biggest island than just its coast. Among the top sites are the Big Buddha, Wat Chalong and Phuket Old Town, all of which are a ways inland. The Old Town is especially charming on a Sunday evening, when the Walking Street market is on. The classical buildings are colourfully illuminated and the usually quiet street is abuzz with activity. Grab a few street snacks while you’re there – no one said you can’t enjoy a romantic meal on a stick!

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